Who we are

Who We Are


The following individuals form the steering group for the Regional Manufacturing Forum.


Chair: Peter Hoy


Peter Hoy is the managing director of Macalloy and the chair of the Regional Manufacturing Forum. A certified chartered accountant, he has spent his entire career in manufacturing. He joined Macalloy in 1996 and became managing director after leading a management buyout in 2003. 


William Beckett

William Beckett is the former Managing Director of William Beckett Plastics Ltd, the Sheffield based manufacturer of specialised plastic packaging for the world’s cutting tool industry. The company exported to 40 countries world-wide with overseas sales representing 80% of total group sales. William is also Chairman of International Trade Forum Ltd, the leading international trade forum in the region, and is responsible for leading the export growth initiative for the Manufacturing Forum.


Andrew Denniff

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Andrew is Chief Executive of the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber and was a founder member of the Manufacturing Forum in 2008. Prior to his arrival at the Chamber early in 2007, Andrew spent six years as the Policy & Representation Manager at Sheffield Chamber, having previously worked for a national trade association in the dairy industry.

The Chamber currently has a membership of over 1200 businesses across Barnsley and Rotherham and engages widely on behalf of its members with a number of organisations and partners.


George Kilburn

The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire

George Kilburn is the Chief Executive of the Cutlers' Company.  This is an organisation, headed up by the Master Cutler, which supports and promotes manufacturing in the Sheffield City Region. It has a membership of over 300 all of whom have to be senior managers, directors or owners of manufacturing companies on joining. 


Richard Jewitt

Footprint Tools

Richard is the General Manager and a director at Footprint Sheffield Ltd. Footprint Tools manufacturers high quality hand tools for the construction sector. We have a reputation for high quality stemming from over one hundred years of manufacturing hand tools and supplying them across the globe


Alison Kinna


Alison is the Managing Director of Outokumpu Stainless Distribution.


Neil Maskrey

Baldwin & Francis

Neil currently works at Baldwin & Fancis


Neil MacDonald 

Neil is the a Past Master Cutler and is currently a non-executive director at AES Engineering, Pressure Technologies and The Horbury Group. He is a Chartered Accountant but has spent more than 25 years in the region's engineering businesses.


Cameron McLellan


Cameron McLellan is Deputy Managing Director for Polypipe Building Products, a Non-Executive Director for the Engineering Employers Federation and Assistant for The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire.


Kevin Parkin

Parkin Ltd

Kevin is Chair of Parkin Ltd, a turnaround and investment business based in Sheffield. He has academic qualifications in Engineering, Accountancy and Marketing and has 25 years board experience in manufacturing companies throughout the UK and Europe.

In addition to the Manufacturing Forum, Kevin also Chairs the Work Wise Foundation, is a Member of the Steering Committee for PhD Advanced Metallic Systems at Sheffield University, Chairman of the Nabarros’ First Tuesday Breakfast Meeting, Chairman of the Lyons Den, on the committee of the Cutlers’ Freemen and a committee member of Made in Sheffield.


Charles Turner

Durham Duplex

Charles is Chairman Made in Sheffield and MD at Durham-Duplex, a manufacturer of Industrial blades, machine knives and hand knives.

Made in Sheffield is the external facing brand for Sheffield’s Manufacturers. The Forum is an opportunity to reach out to and engage with as many manufacturers as possible as their continued excellence and high quality products are key to growing the region’s export economy.


Mark Webber

Tinsley Bridge Group

Mark Webber is Group Managing Director of Tinsley Bridge Group which is a group of four separate but complimentary engineering companies, design and manufacturing, delivering to the OEM Automotive, Defence, Rail, Steel & Power markets. All the businesses are based on a single site in Sheffield.


Chris Hudson 

Chimo Holdings

Chimo Holdings is the Holding Company for Chimo Sheffield (Manufacturing) Ltd a premier British manufacturer, blending traditional Sheffield craftsmanship with modern technology to produce an impressive range of the finest quality cutlery, gallery trays, silver and giftware plus promotional merchandise, sold in various countries throughout the world.


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